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Ken Caryl Valley Area - September 30
Red Rocks Park - October 1
Pueblo area - October 2
Chico Basin Ranch - October 2
White Rocks Trail - October 3
Deer Creek White-throated Swift watch - October 3
Developing Birder Trip Developing Birder Trip
Patch Birding Trip Patch Birding Trip
Bird Song Focus Trip Bird Song Focus Trip

Notable birds seen within 50 miles of Denver

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  • Photo © Diane Roberts

    Colorado County Birding Guide

    The Colorado County Birding Guide, sponsored by our partners at Colorado Field Ornithologists, is a great resource for finding the hotspots and local birding patches.

  • Photo © Burke Angstman

    Field Trip Reports

    Explore the numerous reports of species seen on DFO field trips.

  • Photo © Jordan Spalding

    Let's Go Birding!

    Join DFO members Megan Miller and Jordan Spalding on some of their birding adventures around our area

  • Photo © Jim Esten

  • Photo © Jim Esten

  • Photo © Jim Esten

Conservation & Research

Preservation of birds and their habitats

DFO Conservation

Follow the work of DFO's Conservation Committee to preserve birds and their habitats and find resources about threats to bird populations.

Community Science Projects

Become a better birder by joining in DFO field research efforts, from seasonal bird counts to observation of waterbird colony nesting and fledging or counting raptors from Dinosaur Ridge

Research, Conservation & Education Grant Fund

DFO awards grants to individuals and organizations engaged in research, conservation, and education.

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