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Mon. Oct 26 at 7 PM via Zoom: 2-Wheelin' in the 5-Mile Radius More 

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Most of our monthly programs have been videotaped. Enjoy!

Explore Birding

  • Photo © Diane Roberts

    Colorado County Birding Guide

    The Colorado County Birding Guide, sponsored by our partners at Colorado Field Ornithologists, is a great resource for finding the hotspots and local birding patches.

  • Photo © Burke Angstman

    Field Trip Reports

    Explore the numerous reports of species seen on DFO field trips.

  • Photo © Jordan Spalding

    Let's Go Birding!

    Join DFO members Megan Miller and Jordan Spalding on some of their birding adventures around our area

Conservation & Research

Preservation of birds and their habitats

DFO Conservation

Read articles from numerous sources about conservation issues and solutions

Citizen Science Projects

Contribute to ornithology research and become a better birder.

Research, Conservation & Education Grant Fund

DFO awards grants to individuals and organizations engaged in research, conservation, and education.

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