DFO Field Trip Reports


Checklists for all DFO field trips are entered into eBird soon after the end of the trip. Periodically that data is imported into our site to give you, our readers, a broader look at what we see on our field trips. Each of the following reports looks at the information in a little different way. Note that some of these tables may not render well on a small device.

  • DFO Field Trips Summary - What birds are seen most often and rarely? How many people participate in our field trips? Check out this at a glance look and watch for changes over time.
  • Annual Checklists - Compare the annual checklists for the past ten years. Will this be the year to set the best big year in recent memory?
  • Cumulative Monthly Totals - See how monthly field trips grow the total number of species recorded in a given year.
  • Annual Species in Chronological Order - Track on progress for species seen.
  • Species by Year - This is a simple report of all species recorded on a DFO field trip in a given year.
  • Monthly Field Trips - Have you ever been curious about what was seen on the various field trips in a given month and year? Compare them here.
  • Checklists by Location - This report provides a list of all eBird checklists related to a particular field trip location as well as a running total of species seen on these trips.
  • Trips by Species - Looking for a particular species? Use this report to find the trips most likely to find it.
  • Species by Month - This report shows all species recorded in a given month. Click on a species to view the trips and eBird checklists where it has been seen.
  • Download Dataset - Create your own report from the eBird data extracted from the DFO account
  • Old Trip Reports (PDF) - These PDFs summarize DFO monthly field trips for the time period before everything was entered in to eBird. They are the equivalent of the current Monthly Field Trips report. This also includes some reports from Tuesday Birders and some miscellaneous data compiled.