Field Trips

DFO is known for fielding excellent birding trips throughout the year

Maximizing Your Trip Experience

Every month, DFO schedules one to two dozen field trips to interesting, popular and sometimes new birding destinations across metropolitan Denver and other parts of Colorado. To see a summary check out our history. Each trip is led by fellow birders and DFO members well acquainted with these areas. Most trips also include other intermediate and expert members who can help beginners and newcomers identify the birds, which are recorded by species and number on an official list on the eBird database. All trips are open both to members and non-members who register on DFO's Field Trips webpages.

Our field trips are designed to help everyone have a pleasurable experience exploring old and new areas and seeing interesting bird life. Speciality trips include "Developing Birder" with an emphasis on building birding skills and "Patch Birding" with a local trip leader sharing birding experiences in some lesser known local areas. DFO has established Standards & Best Practices for field trip leaders. To lead DFO field trips, leaders must accept these standards. Participants can ensure themselves of having the best trip possible by reviewing the Better Birding with DFO prior to joining a trip.

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Upcoming Field Trips

Register for an upcoming trip, update your registration details, or cancel your registration.

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Past Trips

Review past trips and the official eBird checklists for them here. You may also see various reports of the birds recorded on our official field trips in a number of different formats.

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Trip Participant Guidelines

Everyone's field trip experience is better when a few simple guidelines are followed.

Standards and Best Practices

These standards are intended to help DFO provide safe, enjoyable, and instructive field trips. Field trip leaders or DFO members interested in becoming trip leaders are encouraged to read our field trip standards and practices. These standards are supported by the DFO Field Trip Leader Manual, which provides rules, guidelines and ideas to help leaders implement the standards.