Field Trip Participant Guidelines

Photo by John Breitsch

These guidelines are condensed from Better Birding with DFO: How to Get the Most Out of Your Denver Field Ornithologists Field Trip. We urge you to read the full guidelines to understand what trip participants should be able to expect from each other and what leaders will expect from participants. You'll also find tips that will improve your birding skills.

Preparing for a Field Trip
  • Find the right trip and register online or contact the leader
  • Prepare a target list
  • Bring the right clothing and gear
  • Arrive early and ready to roll
  • Communicate with the leader
  • Bird cooperatively
  • Use words to describe a bird’s location
  • Respect the leader
  • Share with your teammates
  • Stay with the group
Better Birding
  • Before the trip, prepare your mind and equipment
  • Be stealthy: Minimize talk and movement
  • Minimize disturbance of the birds
  • Practice safe driving and birding
After the Field Trip
  • Debrief the adventure
  • Share photos and the eBird list
  • Join Denver Field Ornithologists

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