Past Programs

Whenever possible, DFO records monthly programs (and occasionally a Better Birding Skills workshop) and makes the recording available here. If the program was recorded, a video icon appears next to the program title. Click the icon to view the program in a new browser tab. Please note that some presenters do not allow their programs to be recorded and some presenters only allow DFO to share the recording for a limited time period. However, a review of each monthly program can always be found in the next issue of The Lark Bunting. Also be sure to check out Bird Bombs which are short helpful bursts of ID information.

Apr 29 2024 The Lonesome Whip-poor-will: The Untold Story of America's Most Iconic Bird Jared Del Rosso
Mar 25 2024 Small Mountain Owls of Colorado Scott Rashid
Feb 26 2024 Gardening on the Wild Side Jim Tolstrup
Feb 21 2024 Hawk Watch at Dinosaur Ridge: Community Science at Work David Hill
Jan 22 2024 Birding the Lower Rio Grande Valley: Top Hotspots and More Tammy Bulow
Nov 27 2023 Wildlife, Wetlands and the Everglades Lauren Jonaitis and Stephanie Clements
Oct 23 2023 Water Flows Together: Opportunities for Birds and People in 2023 Abby Burk, Audubon Rockies
Sep 18 2023 Owls of Northern Colorado Scott Rashid
Aug 28 2023 Bluebird Seasons: Witnessing Climate Change in My Piece of the Wild Mary Taylor Young
Apr 24 2023 Birdsong and Habitats: Updates from DFO-funded Avian Research Leah Crenshaw and Olivia Taylor
DFO Program Mar 27 2023 How Historical Redlining Led Denver's Cooper's Hawks to Live Where They Do Alyssa Davidge
DFO Program Mar 1 2023 Hawks on the Wing: seeing beyond the field marks with flight based identification Josh Haas
DFO Program Feb 27 2023 Greater Sage Grouse: Largest Conservation Effort in US History Daly Edmunds
DFO Program Feb 22 2023 Hawk Watch at Dinosaur Ridge: Community Science at Work David Hill
DFO Program Jan 23 2023 Cranes: Ambassadors for Conservation Rich Beilfuss
DFO Program Nov 28 2022 Monthly Program: Hawk Watch 2022: Looking Back and Forward Emma Riley
DFO Program Oct 24 2022 Monthly Program: Life History of the Best Tree in Our World David Leatherman
DFO Program Oct 12 2022 Hawks in Flight ID Skills David Hill
DFO Program Sep 26 2022 Monthly Program: Letting Go - Birding and Nature Study in the Age of Zoomers and Alphas Ted Floyd
Better Birding Skills Workshop Sep 6 2022 BBS Workshop: Merlin Bird ID Workshop Gregg Goodrich
DFO Program Aug 22 2022 Monthly Program: The Best Bird Sounds You've Never Heard Nathan Pieplow
DFO Program Apr 25 2022 From House Wrens to Herons: updates from avian research Multiple Presenters
Mar 28 2022 A World on the Wing: The Global Odyssey of Migratory Birds Scott Weidensaul
Feb 28 2022 Owl: A Year in the Lives of North American Owls Paul Bannick
DFO Program Jan 17 2022 Birding Adventures in Australia's Northern Territory Luke Paterson
DFO Program Nov 22 2021 From "Crazy French" to Fisher's Peak: Colorado's newest state park Crystal Dreiling
DFO Program Oct 25 2021 An Evening with Nathan Pieplow Nathan Pieplow
DFO Program Sep 27 2021 A Big Green Year: my 2021 birding quest for the new Joe Roller Memorial Grant Scott Somershoe
DFO Program Aug 23 2021 Aves de Pura: birding in Costa Rica Max Vindas
DFO Program Apr 20 2021 Concepts for Learning Bird Song Karen Drozda
DFO Program Apr 19 2021 Go Birding in the Right Bad Weather Bryan Guarente
Apr 5 2021 There and Back: Waterfowl and More Richard Crossley
DFO Program Mar 22 2021 Hummingbirds: Small Wonders Sheri Williamson
DFO Program Mar 8 2021 From Redpoll Plumage to Chickadee Poop: Insights into Avian Evolution Cori Carver and Erik Funk
DFO Program Feb 22 2021 The Birds and the Weeds: Monitoring the Ecological Response to the Chatfield Reallocation Project Erin Bissell
DFO Program Jan 25 2021 Have You Ever Thought About Birds' Ears? Evolution of the Avian Inner Ear Garth Spellman
DFO Program Dec 16 2020 Partners in Flight Arvind Panjabi
DFO Program Nov 23 2020 Coloring the Conservation Conversation J. Drew Lanham
DFO Program Oct 26 2020 2-Wheelin' in the 5-Mile Radius Chris Rurik
DFO Program Sep 21 2020 Patterns of Bird Migration in North America Kenn Kaufman
DFO Program Aug 24 2020 eBird - Better Birding, Better Science Gregg Goodrich/Chuck Hundertmark
DFO Program Jun 23 2020 Reducing Bird/Window Collisions Alex Halverson
Apr 27 2020 THIS PROGRAM HAS BEEN CANCELLED:Homogenization of Colorado Nesting Bird Populations Steve Jones
Mar 23 2020 THIS PROGRAM HAS BEEN CANCELLED:Falcons: streamlined for speed Perry Conway
DFO Program Feb 24 2020 Wild Patagonia Anyll Markovich
DFO Program Jan 27 2020 The History and Future of Waterfowl Conservation Matt Reddy
DFO Program Nov 25 2019 I Like Shrikes (And More) David Leatherman
DFO Program Oct 28 2019 Birding Ecuador: the good, the bad and the lovely Chuck Hundertmark
DFO Program Sep 23 2019 There’s No Sex Like Insects Mike Weissmann, PhD
DFO Program Aug 26 2019 Wild in the City: birds and habitats in Denver Parks Kelly Uhing and Vicki Vargas-Madrid
DFO Program Apr 22 2019 The Secret Lives of Ducks Nathan Pieplow
Better Birding Skills Workshop Mar 30 2019 Colorado Raptor Identification Challenges Brian K. Wheeler
DFO Program Mar 25 2019 Why We Bird Ted Floyd
DFO Program Feb 25 2019 Nebraska’s Swan Lakes Steve Jones
DFO Program Jan 28 2019 The Natural Wonders of Southeastern Colorado Dave Leatherman
DFO Program Nov 5 2018 Birding in Senegal and The Gambia - A Taste of West African Species Bill Eden
Oct 1 2018 Greater Sage Grouse Seth Gallagher
DFO Program Sep 4 2018 African Safaris Jim Esten
Aug 6 2018 A Flyway Approach to Shorebird Conservation Brad Andres
DFO Program Apr 16 2018 Bird Conservation in China Francis Commercon
DFO Program Mar 19 2018 End of the World: Capturing Siberia's Wildlife on Video Nathan Pieplow
Feb 19 2018 eBird and the Elephant's Child Chris Wood, Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology
DFO Program Jan 29 2018 Iconic Bird Imperiled: What's Happening to the Rosy Finches? Garth Spellman, Curator of Ornithology, DMNS
Nov 27 2017 Report on Flammulated Owl Research Max Ciaglo
DFO Program Oct 23 2017 Birds and Coffee Gemara Gifford
DFO Program Sep 18 2017 Barn Owls Scott Rashid
DFO Program Aug 28 2017 My EPIC Big Year Christian Hagenlocher
DFO Program Apr 25 2017 The Mystery Owl of Mexico Nathan Pieplow
DFO Program Mar 27 2017 "What The Book, Personal Observation and Wikileaks Say About The Fox Squirrel In Northern Colorado" Dave Leatherman
DFO Program Feb 27 2017 Appalachian Golden Eagles Scott Somershoe
Jan 23 2017 Owl: A Year in the Lives of North American Owls Paul Bannick
Nov 28 2016 Birding in Cuba John Drummond
DFO Program Oct 24 2016 200 Miles of Birding in 200 Years Kevin Cook
Sep 26 2016 Beyond Birding: Getting to Know Insects Eric Eaton
Aug 22 2016 Sandhills Serenade Steve Jones
Apr 25 2016 Hearing Evolution Nathan Pieplow
DFO Program Mar 28 2016 Double-crested Cormorant: Exemplar of Human/Wildlife Conflict Chuck Hundertmark and Bob Stocker
Feb 22 2016 A New Approach to Earbirding: Music Appreciation in Birds and its Intersection with Human Preferences Garth Spellman, Curator of Ornithology, DMNS
Jan 25 2016 Birding to the North Pole Bill Schmoker
Nov 23 2015 Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey Kris Haglund and Liz Clancy
Oct 26 2015 Conservation of North America’s Grassland Birds in the Chihuahuan Desert Arvind Panjabi
Sep 28 2015 Birding in the Posthuman Age Ted Floyd
Aug 24 2015 Paving the Way: Rocks in Rock Wren Nests Nat Warning and Lauryn Benedict
DFO Program Apr 27 2015 Listen to her sing! Nathan Pieplow
Mar 23 2015 Weather and Bird Migration Bryan Guarente
Feb 23 2015 The Latest on Black Swift Research Carolyn Gunn
Jan 26 2015 More on What Birds Eat' Dave Leatherman
Nov 24 2014 Rackets and Ruins: Birding the Yucatan in the Anthropocene Chuck Hundertmark
Nov 5 2014 The Passenger Pigeon's Flight to Extinction Joel Greenberg
Oct 27 2014 Birding in Borneo Bill Eden
Oct 21 2014 Bird Sounds: From the Beautiful to the Bizarre Greg Budney
Sep 22 2014 Photographing Our Colorado Birds Glenn Walbek
Sep 11 2014 The Beautiful World of the Birds-of-Paradise Dr. Edwin Scholes
Aug 25 2014 Birds of Japan Bob Shade
Apr 28 2014 Five Audio IDs Every Colorado Birder Should Know Nathan Pieplow
Mar 24 2014 Secrets of Boulder County Revealed At Last Ted Floyd
Feb 24 2014 Corvid Seed Dispersal Diana Tomback
Jan 27 2014 The Passion and the Payoff: Why We Band Birds and What We Are Learning Meredith McBurney
Nov 25 2013 Engaging Latinos Home and Abroad in Birding Susan Bonfield
Oct 28 2013 Wise Old Owls: Are Flammulated Owls Sentinels of Environmental Change? Brian Linkhart
Sep 23 2013 Report on Colorado Atlas II Lynn Wickersham
Aug 26 2013 Full Chase Mode: My 2011 Big Year John Vanderpoel