Past Programs

Whenever possible, DFO records monthly programs and makes the recording available here. If the program was recorded, a video icon appears next to the program title. Click the icon to view the program in a new browser tab. Please note that some presenters do not allow their programs to be recorded and some presenters only allow DFO to share the recording for a limited time period. However, a review of each monthly program can always be found in the next issue of The Lark Bunting.

Date Title SpeakerVideo
Nov 28 2022 Monthly Program: Hawk Watch 2022: Looking Back and Forward Emma Riley
Nov 17 2022 BIRD BOMBS: Forest Hawks David Suddjian
Oct 24 2022 Monthly Program: Life History of the Best Tree in Our World David Leatherman
Oct 13 2022 BIRD BOMBS: Looking At Loons David Suddjian
Oct 12 2022 Hawks in Flight ID Skills David Hill
Sep 26 2022 Monthly Program: Letting Go - Birding and Nature Study in the Age of Zoomers and Alphas Ted Floyd
Sep 8 2022 BIRD BOMBS: Fall Sparrows David Suddjian
Sep 6 2022 BBS Workshop: Merlin Bird ID Workshop Gregg Goodrich
Aug 22 2022 Monthly Program: The Best Bird Sounds You've Never Heard Nathan Pieplow
Aug 18 2022 BIRD BOMBS: The Little Pipers David Suddjian
Aug 4 2022 BIRD BOMBS: It Has Yellow Legs David Suddjian
Jul 14 2022 BIRD BOMBS: Summer Hummers David Suddjian
Jun 23 2022 BIRD BOMBS: 4 & 20 Black Birds David Suddjian
May 19 2022 BIRD BOMBS: Kings of the Road David Suddjian
Apr 28 2022 BIRD BOMBS: Spring into Warblers David Suddjian