Past Programs

Whenever possible, DFO records monthly programs and makes the recording available here. If the program was recorded, a video icon appears next to the program title. Click the icon to view the program in a new browser tab. Please note that some presenters do not allow their programs to be recorded and some presenters only allow DFO to share the recording for a limited time period. However, a review of each monthly program can always be found in the next issue of The Lark Bunting.

Date Title SpeakerVideo
Mar 27 2023 How Historical Redlining Led Denver's Cooper's Hawks to Live Where They Do Alyssa Davidge
Mar 1 2023 Hawks on the Wing: seeing beyond the field marks with flight based identification Josh Haas
Feb 27 2023 Greater Sage Grouse: Largest Conservation Effort in US History Daly Edmunds
Feb 22 2023 Hawk Watch at Dinosaur Ridge: Community Science at Work David Hill
Jan 23 2023 Cranes: Ambassadors for Conservation Rich Beilfuss
Nov 28 2022 Monthly Program: Hawk Watch 2022: Looking Back and Forward Emma Riley
Oct 24 2022 Monthly Program: Life History of the Best Tree in Our World David Leatherman
Oct 12 2022 Hawks in Flight ID Skills David Hill
Sep 26 2022 Monthly Program: Letting Go - Birding and Nature Study in the Age of Zoomers and Alphas Ted Floyd
Sep 6 2022 BBS Workshop: Merlin Bird ID Workshop Gregg Goodrich
Aug 22 2022 Monthly Program: The Best Bird Sounds You've Never Heard Nathan Pieplow
Apr 25 2022 From House Wrens to Herons: updates from avian research Multiple Presenters
Mar 28 2022 A World on the Wing: The Global Odyssey of Migratory Birds Scott Weidensaul
Feb 28 2022 Owl: A Year in the Lives of North American Owls Paul Bannick
Jan 17 2022 Birding Adventures in Australia's Northern Territory Luke Paterson