Past Programs

A summary of each month's presentation may be read by clicking on the program title. Past programs that have been videotaped are indicated by the video icon. Click the icon to view the program in a new browser tab.

Date Title SpeakerVideo
Sep 21 2020 Patterns of Bird Migration in North America Kenn Kaufman
Aug 24 2020 eBird - Better Birding, Better Science Gregg Goodrich/Chuck Hundertmark
Jun 23 2020 Reducing Bird/Window Collisions Alex Halverson
Apr 27 2020 THIS PROGRAM HAS BEEN CANCELLED:Homogenization of Colorado Nesting Bird Populations Steve Jones
Mar 23 2020 THIS PROGRAM HAS BEEN CANCELLED:Falcons: streamlined for speed Perry Conway
Feb 24 2020 Wild Patagonia Anyll Markovich
Jan 27 2020 The History and Future of Waterfowl Conservation Matt Reddy
Nov 25 2019 I Like Shrikes (And More) David Leatherman
Oct 28 2019 Birding Ecuador: the good, the bad and the lovely Chuck Hundertmark
Sep 23 2019 There’s No Sex Like Insects Mike Weissmann, PhD
Aug 26 2019 Wild in the City: birds and habitats in Denver Parks Kelly Uhing and Vicki Vargas-Madrid
Apr 22 2019 The Secret Lives of Ducks Nathan Pieplow
Mar 25 2019 Why We Bird Ted Floyd
Feb 25 2019 Nebraska’s Swan Lakes Steve Jones
Jan 28 2019 The Natural Wonders of Southeastern Colorado Dave Leatherman