Citizen Science Projects

Double-crested Cormorant pair at nest.Interested in doing a little participatory research when you go birding? DFO offers citizen science opportunities on some club field trips and sponsors or cooperates with other "cit-sci" projects.

COLONIAL WATERBIRDS: If you enjoy watching the annual nesting, breeding and fledging of Colorado's large wading and diving waterbirds, consider joining DFO's Colonial Waterbirds Project. Volunteers regularly visit nesting sites for Double-crested Cormorants, Snowy Egrets and Great Blue and Black-crowned Night-herons in several Denver-area parks. Between early spring and late summer, they count bird and nest numbers, observe and record courtship, mating and nest-building behavior, and document the hatching, rearing and fledging of young at these communal nesting sites. Click the "Colonial Waterbirds" link to learn more. Read the "How To" file first, then read the "Locations" file.