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Meet Wendy Wibbens

Wendy Wibbens

I've been observing and exploring nature since childhood. I've been birding for around 15 years, more seriously for the last 5 years or so after completing the Audubon Master Birder program in 2013-14. I'm most familiar with Colorado birds and don't always make it out as much as I'd like. I really enjoy watching bird behavior and helping people learn more about birds and nature.

I like to lead trips that are more out of the car than in the car and lean toward learning more about birds than getting the most species, although I like to get a good number of species as well. I enjoy helping people learn something they might not have known before and getting to more uncommon locations. When I'm not birding I work for Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design, and spend too much time sitting at a desk, so like to be up and about when I'm birding. I also like to read mysteries and historical fiction, and try to make some art (quilts and drawing) when I can.

Meet Sue Summers

Sue Summers