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Pine Valley Ranch
6/15/2019      6:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Leader: John Breitsch or 303-588-0552
Trail Difficulty: Moderate
Head south on US 285 past Conifer to Pine Junction. There, turn left on Pine Valley Rd and continue for just under 6 miles. Turn right onto Crystal Lake Rd and go 1.1 miles to the parking lot. The park address is 30400 Crystal Lake Road Pine Grove, CO 80470.

The habitats at PVR include Ponderosa Forest, Willows, and Mixed-Conifer Forest. Pine Valley Ranch has hosted nesting Common Mergansers for several years. The primary objective for this trip is to see if we can find some young mergansers hanging around behind or on top of momma merg. After exploring the lake area, we will venture out on the trails in search of woodpeckers, vireos, warblers, flycatchers, and a hawk or two. I will send an email to those registered a week in advance. Anyone who wants to car pool from the Home Depot off of 470 can set that up. I will be at the park at 04:31 am (an hour before sunrise, when they open) to do a bit of pre-trip birding. Anyone who doesn't feel like sleeping in can join me. Register online or contact the leader.

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