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Meet Your Trip Leader
Quincy Reservoir in Aurora
5/27/2024      6:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Leader: David Suddjian or 831-713-8659
Trip Difficulty: Moderate
Meet in the parking lot for the Grandview Dog Park at 17500 E Quincy Ave, Aurora, CO 80015, just west of the entrance to Quincy Reservoir
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This trip is limited to the first 8 registrations.

Habitats to bird: Developed, Grassland, Reservoir, Riparian, Scrub, Wetland
DFO is still new to this less-birded large reservoir park in Aurora. On this trip will plan to walk the entire perimiter trail around Quincy Reservoir for a loop distance of about 4 miles. We will look for birds all along the resevoir shores, and in riparian, grassland and wetland habitats. It is a great time for retruning migrants and nesting birds. We will focus on learning bird songs and calls as we make our way around. There is a comrorant rookery, and we will pay attention to other observations of nesting evidence. Expect level terrain, mostly on well maintained soft-surface paths, but also some off trail through grasses. Bring lunch, snacks and drinks. Restrooms limited to the beginning and end, and there is always the "green door." We will meet at the nearby Grandview Dog Park to carpool to  the Quincy Reservoir lot, and can share the $10 vehicle fee for Quincy Reservoir. Our walk with conclude back at the dog park lot.

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