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Meet Your Trip Leader
Patch Birding Trip Patch Birding Trip - Get to know a birding hotspot favored by the leader.

DIA Raptor Alley (Patch Birding Trip)
2/19/2024      7:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Leader: Ajit Antony or 9144757819
Liza Antony or 9142132869
Trip Difficulty: Easy
Meet in parking lot of First Creek at DEN Open Space on 56th Ave just west of Pena Blvd. Take 56th Ave from west or I-70 to Pena, then north to 56th Ave. Exit left at bottom of ramp, drive under Pena overpasses about 2 blocks west. Parking lot is on right (north).
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This trip is limited to the first 8 registrations.

Habitats to bird: Agricultural, Grassland, Reservoir
The Art of Observation. This is an exploration of Denver’s eastern prairie for raptors. This trip will focus on raptor ID and it will be a good opportunity for those who want to go to the next level of identifying the species in greater detail, such as aging individuals, determining sex, and identifying individuals to subspecies.  For example, determining adults versus juveniles when they are distinctive (e.g., accipiters, Golden Eagle, Ferruginous Hawk, falcons); males versus females versus juveniles (e.g., Northern Harrier); identifying the Eastern borealis versus Western calurus and Harlan’s harlani subspecies of Red-tailed Hawk; identifying Bald Eagle to a specific age from juvenile to fifth-year; identifying dark morph raptors if we are fortunate enough to see them.

If you’ve been on one of my DFO raptor trips this winter season, consider not signing up for this trip to allow other birders to experience what you did on the trip you attended. 

Bring binoculars, scopes and cameras (if you have them), snacks, water. We will be stopping at Barr Lake later so if you have a State Parks pass, that would be helpful.

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