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Chatfield State Park, The Big Sit
10/13/2019      6:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Leader: Joey Kellner or 303-978-1748
Trail Difficulty: Easy
From the Wadsworth Blvd entrance, go past the pay station to the stop sign, turn right at this 'T' and continue around the reservoir. Cross the S Platte River and continue up the hill. Turn left at the sign for the park headquarters and make a hard left into the large parking lot labeled Heronry Overlook. At the far right corner, a trail leads down to the Heron Overlook. State Parks pass or day pass required.

The Big Sit, an international birding event, has exacting, loose, and frivolous standards. Big Sitters count all the birds they see or hear from within a circle with a 17-foot diameter. Count sitters may send out scouts and beaters to find other birds and identify them as long as a Sitter sees the bird from within the circle. All around the world, on this date, people will Big Sit! Come and join Joey Kellner and other recruits any time from (before) dawn to (after) dusk. Stay for an hour, a morning, or all day. Drop by whenever you like. Joey maintains an hourly chart of the birds that Sitters see from the circle. In the past few years he has tallied 55-75 species. Bring chairs, breakfast, lunch, dinner, picnics, coffee, etc. Bring binoculars, scopes,and field guides. Register online or contact the leader.

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