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Meet Karen von Saltza

Karen von Saltza

I have been actively birding on the Front Range for the past 20 years. Before that I birded casually on the California Central Coast where I lived with my family until 1986. In 2007 I graduated from the first ASGD Masterbirder class and since then, I have led field trips for both Audubon and DFO. Other regular birding activities include working 10 blocks for the 2nd edition of the Colorado Breeding Bird Atlas and participating as a mentor in the Audubon Masterbirder program. Since 2013 I have held the position of Field Trip Director for DFO.

My preferred style of field trip is a loop of about 3-4 miles covering the same route on a monthly basis. This allows birders, new and old, to enjoy a regular outing and experience the obvious annual changes to the Colorado environment. Bird populations shift; migration patterns are observed. Seasonal variations are recorded. This type of monthly excursion is a very effective way to introduce new birders to Colorado birds and inspire them to further exploration on their own. .