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Meet Ajit Antony

Ajit Antony

I lived in New York State for 51 years before moving to Denver a year ago. I have been birding since 1977. I have been a volunteer hawk watcher at 3 different hawk watches in New York State starting in the late 1980s, and with Liza conducted a fairly regular spring hawk watch at Hook Mountain for 3 years on favorable winds 2020-2022 (which only had a regular fall hawk watch) as well doing a fairly regular watch when winds were favorable at the I-84 Overlook Hawk Watch in fall 2020-2022. I conducted 3 Winter Raptor Surveys in New York State with Liza for HMANA (Hawk Migration Association of North America), and after moving to Denver developed 3 Winter Raptor Surveys in Denver and Boulder and will add another one this year in the plains of eastern Colorado. I have always been interested in improving my bird and raptor ID skills as well as sharing my knowledge. I’ve been told I’m a good teacher.

Since I know raptors well and have trained a few birders to become counters at the hawk watch sites I have volunteered at in New York, I would like to share my knowledge with birders here. Of course I'm still learning about western raptors. My trips to see raptors would be mostly driving with stops wherever we see a raptor, look at them with awareness looking for distinctive and characteristic field marks, to identify them beyond just the species to categorizing them as to whether they are adult/juvenile/ or year-by-year ID of Bald Eagle, male/female, or down to the subspecies where possible.

Meet Liza Antony

Liza Antony

I lived in New York State for 50 years and started birding in 1985. I joined a bird club in the Hudson Valley and enjoyed birding with the club for the past 20 years. I helped at a few Hawk watch sites after retirement in 2015 I have been a member of DFO since 2016 when we stayed here for 8 months to help with a newborn grandchild. I love the camaraderie of the DFO bird trips. I have live in Denver for one year and am enjoying the opportunity to learn about the birdlife in CO.

Birding local spots and raptor surveys