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Meet Gary Witt

Gary Witt

I am a near-Colorado native living along the Front Range all but three years of my life. I have been keeping an active bird list since 2008. As a retired water resource engineer and hydrogeologist, my clients and projects were scattered throughout the Rocky Mountain west with particular focus in the Centennial state. I have regularly ventured into all four corners of the state which has allowed me to extend my state bird list over the 400 species plateau.

After my initial leader training and trips in 2022, I am looking forward to additional trips in 2023. I get excited about helping others develop their birding skills and discovering new bird species so likely will be looking to develop trips to various locations, of various lengths, and various days of the week. I look forward to meeting new people and making new birding friend along the way. My other interests include music (bass guitar, with a little guitar and keyboard thrown in) and photography. While I do photograph a lot of birds, I also enjoy other types of photography (architectural, night, abstract, and landscape).