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Meet Patrick O'Driscoll

Patrick O'Driscoll

I joined DFO in 2014 at age 62, about a year after going on my first organized field trip (Denver Audubon's monthly wetlands walk near Chatfield SP). Before that, I was a solitary, once-in-a-while wannabirder with bad binoculars, a Sibley's guide and no idea how to begin. I have led DFO trips since October 2016 and coordinate the club's "citizen science" project on nesting colonial waterbirds (cormorants, herons and egrets) -- all plentiful in my backyard birding home, Denver City Park. I am also editor of The Lark Bunting, DFO's newsletter.

I enjoy bird outings of all kinds (hikes, car "chase trips," overnighters), but the ones I LOVE to lead are to marginal, ordinary places we take for granted -- city parks and scrubby, scruffy destinations on the urban fringe: Denver City Park (abundant birdlife just 1-1/2 miles from downtown), First Creek @ DEN Open Space (such diversity beneath the busy Peña Boulevard airport highway), Bluff Lake/Sand Creek, the South Platte River (in and out of town), Second Creek Open Space (a birdy trickle through Adams County suburbia), and Heron Pond (in a forgotten, polluted corner of old Denver).