About Your Trip Leader

Meet Donna Stumpp

Donna Stumpp

I’ve always been attracted to being outdoors, observing wildlife, and enjoying the scenery. Birding has been a natural extension of that for me. Since early 2020, I’ve focused on increasing my understanding of bird habitats, behavior, and distribution, which has taken me to most of Colorado. More recently, my background in math and data has led me to jump into county birding. I’m still teaching math in Denver Public Schools and enjoy leading bird walks for the City of Westminster at Standley Lake, the Broomfield Bird Club, and Urban Prairies Project.

Meet Peter Ruprecht

Peter Ruprecht

I have been birding in Colorado since the mid-’90s and appreciate the diversity of habitats we have across the whole state and also within relatively small areas. Some of my favorite places to bird are at the interface between the plains and the foothills along the Front Range. I am especially enthralled by birds of prey and have been a raptor monitor in Boulder County since 2006.

When choosing locations for field trips, I like to find spots that have a good variety of birds and are also interesting from a habitat or ecology perspective. Observing what environment a bird chooses not only gives us clues for identifying it, but helps us to appreciate how its lifestyle fits in with the surrounding ecology.