About Your Trip Leader

Meet Paul Slingsby

Paul Slingsby

I started birding in 1972 when I worked on Sky Lab at Cape Kennedy. I visited Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge often. That hooked me on birding. When I started birding with Audubon and DFO I began learning much more and that continues today. I have enjoyed doing Breeding Bird Surveys, Christmas Bird Counts and Bird Conservancy Colonial Water Bird surveys in North Park. Although I don't hear well now, I still enjoy finding birds by ear. Best of all was participating in the Colorado Breeding Bird Atlas. That opened me up to what is now my favorite way of birding - observing behavior, environment and nesting.

I prefer to lead DFO trips that involve some hiking. I've been offering trips on week days if travel on an interstate is required. Maybe a camping trip is in the future.

Meet Chuck Hundertmark

Chuck Hundertmark

I first became interested in birds in 7th or 8th grade, becoming a serious birder in 1964. After 30 years in New Mexico, I came to the Front Range in 1997. I most enjoy birds during the breeding season and have a particular interest in bird song and colonial waterbirds. I count cormorants, grebes, raptors and empidonax flycatchers among my favorite birds.

I prefer bird walks and hikes to car birding, but one of my favorite birding locations is North Park. There, drives between lakes are an important part of the birding. On field trips, I pay as much attention to listening for birds as looking for birds. I like to get beyond the "What bird is it?" question to the "What is the bird doing?" question.