DFO Field Trips

photo by Mark Amersheck

Each month DFO schedules a number of field trips to interesting places around the metropolitan area and the state. These trips are led by fellow birders who are knowledgeable of these areas. There will also be other birders on the trip who can and will help in identifying the birds seen. Each trip records the number of species and individuals of each species seen and trip reports are posted on our past trips page. For a broader look at our field trips over the years, have some fun with the various reports generated from all of the trip data entered into eBird.

Our field trips are designed to help everyone have a pleasurable experience exploring old and new areas and seeing intersting bird life. DFO has established Standards & Best Practices for field trip leaders. To lead DFO field trips, leaders must accept these standards. Participants can ensure themselves of having the best trip possible by reviewing the Better Birding with DFO prior to joining a trip.

In 2018 DFO is embarking on a Big Year. Track along in our eBird reports and read the rules.

In addition to these scheduled field trips, DFO members participate in a number of special counts of birds observed at a given time such as the Annual Spring Count, the Annual Fall Count, and the Christmas Bird Count. These special counts are announced in The Lark Bunting and through emails that appear in the Colorado Birds Google Group.

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