About Your Trip Leader

Meet Dale Pate

Dale Pate

Growing up in south Texas and traveling to many states and a few other countries, I have always been interested in birds. It took many years and moving to Colorado to finally give me the time, interest, and focus to become more serious about birding. I have been an avid photographer for many years so I began taking photos to help me identify the birds I was seeing. I like the citizen science aspect of birding where observation and documentation can help in the greater understanding of not only birds but the environmental and biological communities that surround us.

I began leading DFO trips in 2018 and enjoy learning about the birds we find locally from the prairies to the mountains and throughout Colorado during all seasons of the year. My trips tend to include visiting several areas with short forays, sometimes with slightly longer hikes. I enjoy focusing on specific counties to work in.

Meet David Suddjian

David Suddjian

I've been birding for over 35 years, beginning in California, and in Colorado since 2013. I coordinated DFO's Big Year 2018, leading 81 field trips for DFO that year. I love eBirding, and counting birds.

I lead all kinds of trips from low key local outings near my Ken Caryl JeffCo home to intense far ranging trips reaching out to all corners of the state. Overnight trips go to classic Colorado birding locations, and sometimes we even camp! I like to explore areas, county birding, back roads, cemeteries and sewage lagoons, developing birding by ear skills, and helping birders to appreciate the patterns of migration, seasonal occurrence and habitat associations. I love the camaraderie of DFO field trips, the new friendships that grow, and the opportunities for birders to have FUN in the field!