Mission - to promote interest in the study and preservation of birds and their habitats

Members are encouraged (through meeting presentations and field trips) to learn about birds in the field, noting species and numbers, while familiarizing themselves with their songs and calls, as well as habits and habitats.

Field Trips

DFO's signature activity - birding in the metro and beyond. Trips are scheduled for most weekends as well as some on weekdays. DFO has leader standards and training to help assure that you have the best possible experience on one of our trips. Register for one today.

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A variety of informative and entertaining presentations. Our programs vary from learning new techniques in identification to unique ways to enjoy our hobby to the latest research on familiar and not-so-familiar species. Monthly meetings at Denver Museum of Natural History.

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The Lark Bunting

Our monthly communication with Denver area birders. Read the latest on past DFO programs, upcoming field trips, and reports from people working on furthering our knowledge of Colorado birds. Past issues are archived for your reading pleasure. Stroll though a little DFO history.

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