Research, Education & Conservation Fund

Drawing blood from female Mountain Bluebird Taking a blood sample from a female Mountain Bluebird. Jessica Fish

The DFO Research, Education, and Conservation Fund provides grants for projects in three areas: education supporting knowledge of birds, research in ornithology, and conservation of birds and their habitat. In awarding grants, preference shall first be given to projects in the Denver metropolitan area, followed by the Front Range of Colorado, the state of Colorado, and the United States of America.

Grants have been awarded since 1994 when Mary Hope Robinson donated $15,000 to the DFO to establish the Educational Endowment Fund. In 2012 the name was changed to the DFO Research, Education, and Conservation Fund. Each year we have been able to fund more grants, thanks to the generosity of our donors.

The funded projects are listed in the table below.

Hyperlinked projects have a report available for viewing.

Project History

Project Description
Year: 2018
Total Awards: $5,800
Year: 2017
Total Awards: $6,400
Year: 2016
Total Awards: $6,000
Year: 2015
Total Awards: $6,623
Year: 2014
Total Awards: $6,558
Year: 2013
Total Awards: $5,100
Year: 2012
Total Awards: $3,300
Year: 2010
Total Awards: $1,500
Year: 2008
Total Awards: $1,700
Year: 1996
Total Awards: $545
Year: 1995
Total Awards: $300
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