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Please note: Each person, including each family member choosing to sign the Agreement electronically must login and have a separate account so that the agreement is tied to the individual. If you are having difficulty with multiple logins, please contact us for assistance. *Minors: If participant is a minor, the minor’s parent or legal guardian must print out, review and sign a paper copy of the Agreement and present it to the leader before the trip start. Any minor attending must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.

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Meet Your Trip Leader
Dinosaur Ridge
4/12/2024      9:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Leader: David Hill or 303-870-4316
Trip Difficulty: Strenuous
Meet at the Stegosaurus parking lot just south of I-70, exit 259. Drive under the freeway to the second left turn. The parking lot is at the base of the Hogback, near the Hawk Watch location.
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This trip is limited to the first 10 registrations.

Habitats to bird: Conifer Forest, Oak Woodland, Scrub
Enjoy a session on Dinosaur Ridge with the experts. Observe migrating raptors during peak season. In addition, we may spot local birds such as White-throated Swift, Rock Wren, Townsend Solitaire, Bushtit and more. We will meet in the Stegosaurus Parking Lot at 9:30 AM for introductions before embarking on a 0.6 mile trail with a 260' elevation gain to reach the Hawk Watch platform. This ascent typically takes 30 to 35 minutes, and we may encounter mud, snow and ice along the way. We will observe from the platform for the entire duration of the trip, returning to our cars by 2:30 PM. Dress in layers for warmth and wind protection. Apply sunscreen and lip protection. Pack your sun hat, lunch, water and snacks. Bring a scope, if you have one. Restrooms are NOT available on the ridge. The closest restrooms are located across the road, in Matthews/Winters Park, 100 yards south of the parking lot.

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