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Meet Your Trip Leader
Southeastern Arizona
5/15/2024  - 5/26/2024     5:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Leader: Joey Kellner or 303-594-3638
Trip Difficulty: Strenuous
See trip description for meeting instructions

This trip is limited to 8 people total but is open now for all interested persons o register for a chance to go. Details below.

Bird the desert and sky islands of SE Arizona on a 12-day DFO driving trip to Southeastern Arizona. Southeastern Arizona is one of the premier birding destinations of all time. Habitats include Chihuahuan desert grasslands, deep shaded oak & sycamore canyons, higher mountains complete with pines, upper Sonoran desert with areas of thorn scrub, grassland and cactus, and green ribbons of riparian habitat. Across all these habitats and more are a large number of bird and other wildlife species. Some are generalists and some are found only in specific locations. 

This DFO field trip is designed especially for those that have never been to this area of the country however, anyone can sign up (past participants not eligible). The first and last days will be spent driving to and from Arizona. We will cover many popular "hotspots" across the "sky islands". Birding destinations will include the Chiricahua, Santa Rita, and Huachuca mountains and possibly the Catalina mountains. We should see most of the specialty species of the sky islands and other habitats. On this trip we have the chance to see 6-8 species of hummingbird including specialties like Violet-crowned, Lucifer, and White-eared Hummingbirds. This is NOT specifically a target species trip, but a general SE Arizona trip that will immerse the participants in wonderful habitats, and intensive enough to allow those that wish to try for evening/night species like nightjars and owls. 

Cost will be $2,600 and be all-inclusive. Price includes the cost of rental vehicles, lodging, gas and food, leader’s expenses and land/access fees. Unspent funds at the end of the trip will be refunded to participants (leader is not profiting financially from this trip). Accommodations are double-occupancy and a combination of motels and “in habitat” lodging (think about waking up to birds and birds sounds you’ve never seen or heard before)! Dining will be a combination of “on the go” breakfasts & lunches from sandwich shops, Safeway, fast food and “sit down” restaurants. We will try to do sit down dinners most nights to relax, recap the days discoveries and discuss the next day’s plans.

This trip is limited to 8 total people (leader, plus seven in just two vehicles). Due to the popularity of this destination, sign up will be done via the DFO field trip process AND a random drawing. If you would like to go, you should “put your name in the hat” by registering prior to January 15th for this field trip (registration on the DFO website opens December 15th). On January 15th the final seven participants will be randomly selected from those that signed up and meeting gender requirements for room sharing, will be contacted to send $800 to reserve their attendance. Remainder of balance will be due April 15, 2023. Cancelling participation after April 15th will cause the $800 to be non-refundable. NOTE: if you are planning to share a room with a spouse or a friend, please add that person’s name in parenthesis in the textbox for your emergency contact person when registering. Please contact Joey Kellner at to get any questions answered. A detailed itinerary with locations and potential species can be found here:

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