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Meet Your Trip Leader
Tamarack State Wildlife Area and Associated Prairie
6/8/2023  - 6/9/2023     1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Leader: Gary Witt or 303-905-6985
Trip Difficulty: Strenuous
Meet at Colorado Parks and Wildlife, 6060 N. Broadway. Exit I-25 at 58th Ave. Go west 2 blocks to Broadway, then north 2 blocks (past railroad tracks) to parking lot on right side to carpool. State Parks pass or day pass required.
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This trip is limited to the first 8 registrations.

This overnight trip has been created to take advantage of early morning birding on the Tamarack Ranch State Wildlife Area rather than trying to leave super early from the Denver area. The plan will be to do some birding at one or two known hotspots on the way eastward (i.e., Brush SWA, Prewitt Reservoir, Messex SWA, Sterling Cemetery, etc.). We will have dinner together and overnight in Sterling. Participants will be responsible for securing their own overnight lodgings in the Sterling area. The leader will be staying at the Comfort Inn - Sterling. We will proceed from Sterling early on June 9th to the Tamarack Ranch SWA for a good morning of birding. The SWA is rather large so we will play it by ear as to what portion(s) of the area we will bird. The SWA is a riparian corridor in the lower reaches of the South Platte River floodplain in Colorado. We have the potential to see eastern species such as Baltimore Oriole, Red-headed and Red-bellied Woodpecker, Northern Cardinal, Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Great-crested Flycatcher, Bell's Vireo, Red-eyed Vireo, Eastern Bluebird, Eastern Towhee, etc. as well as other likely nesting species such as Yellow-breasted Chat, Orchard Oriole, Black-headed Grosbeak, Blue Grosbeak, Indigo and Lazuli Bunting, etc. We will try for the Upland Sandpiper at a known location near Crook before we head back to the metro area. We will also leave time to explore the environs of northeastern Colorado relative to any rarities that may show up nearby either before or during our trip. Ideally, we will carpool in two cars for the 8 participants. If there is more interest, we may use increase to three cars or perhaps meet another car of birders coming from another direction. If the latter, we could schedule a rendezvous someplace east on I-76 like Hudson. DFO policy has a driver reimbursement policy of $0.50 per mile divided by the number of participants in the car. It is expected to be about 300 miles round trip from Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) at 6060 N. Broadway in Denver. That would mean about $40 per person in gas, at the driver's discretion, assuming a car of 4. The trip difficulty is shown as strenuous due to the time in the car, and some of the rough (and potentially wet) trails on the SWA. Bathroom facilities will be limited in and near the SWA. However, attempts will be made to visit gas/convenient stores before spending extended hours at remote locations. The weather can still be cooler in the mornings but warm to hot by the afternoon so dressing in layers is a smart plan. Please plan on bringing food as necessary for the times in the field. We will have dinner together on the first day and will likely be buying breakfast to go from a convenience store the next morning. Should you sign up and find that a conflict has arisen, please cancel as soon as possible as a courtesy to the other participants and the leader by removing your name on the DFO website. Additionally, if you do not feel well, please be considerate to your fellow birders and remain at home.

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