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Denver City Park (Denver County)
1/5/2020      7:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Leader: Patrick O'Driscoll or 303-885-6955 (cell)
Trail Difficulty: Easy
Meet at parking strip on north side of Ferril Lake. Directions: Enter park from Colorado Blvd. Northbound turns left onto 22nd Ave. past Museum of Nature & Science; southbound turns right onto 22nd at police station. Go past museum parking until road curves toward zoo. Take immediate left at "To Pavilion Bandstand" sign and go 300 yards down to corner with tall spruce trees, where lake comes into view. Park diagonally on left beneath spruces.

Winter in City Park usually means lots of geese, with the chance for unusual and rare ones (Snow, Ross's, Greater White-fronted, various hybrids). If Ferril Lake is iced enough (but not 100 percent), a winter Bald Eagle appearance is also a possibility. The park has winter sparrows and songbirds, plus an array of year-rounders from flickers to magpies to Red-tailed Hawks and more. Expect to walk about 3 miles on park paths, sidewalks and grass meadows. Dress for the weather and bring water and snacks. A scope might help separate geese if they're in the middle of the lake. Register online or contact the leader.

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