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Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR
11/29/2019      8:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Leader: Jill Boice or 303-863-7580
Trail Difficulty: Easy
Meet at the parking lot on Northwest corner of Lake Ladore. From Quebec turn east on Prairie Parkway. Go about one mile then turn left into the wildllife entrance. DO not go to the visitor center but stay on 64th and follow the signs until Havana. TUrn left (north) and go about a mile to the "contact" station. Go right to the contact station and take either of the small roads that go behind it. FOllow them a short way uphill to a small parking lot.

Eat too much for Thanksgiving? Enjoy casual birding at Rocky Mountain National Wildlife Refuge to walk it off. Be prepared to help identify any birds seen, as leader is more enthusiastic than skillful. Depending on weather and ground conditions, we will plan to go around Lake Ladore, then visit Lower Lake Derby. If too miserably cold, we will modify to more driving. Bring lunch and plenty of layers. Register online or contact the leader.

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