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Meet Doug Ward

Doug Ward

I'm a native Coloradoan born and raised in Denver, but having also lived in Boulder, Jefferson, Lake, and Moffat Counties. I've been an avid birder for 50 years and track my beginnings to an April 1973 DFO field trip to Waterton lead by Hugh Kingery. Mr. Kingery's knowledge and patience obviously had a lasting impact on an annoying, wide eyed little eight-year-old kid as here I am all these years later. We moved to North Idaho over 20 years ago for work, but now split time between Idaho and Colorado.

I prefer trips with a broad range of birder experience, ages, and backgrounds. While I very much enjoy the challenges of chasing down and identifying technically tough species (I'm a recovering gull nerd), I gain more from helping folks, particularly kids, to learn how to walk through the identification process so they can develop their own set of skills. I like to discuss natural histories, habitat utilization, and local abundances to hopefully help those out on the trip to gain a better appreciation of what we are observing. Mainly, just have fun.