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Meet Jared Del Rosso

Jared Del Rosso

I began birding in April 2012 in New Hampshire. By July, I'd relocated to Denver, where I started my birding in earnest. In the almost-decade that's passed since then, I've become more than a bit obsessed with Common Nighthawks; a flock of these birds, anywhere that I encounter them, makes for a successful birding trip.

I'm (mostly) a local birder. I like minimizing time in my car or avoiding it altogether, so I can spend time exploring trails, open spaces, and parks. Since 2016, most of my birding has occurred within three miles of my home in Centennial, especially along the High Line Canal Trail. Though local birding tends to limit the number and variety of species that I see in outings and over a year, it helps me build a deeper sense of the habitats that the birds (and I) visit. My trips will likely reflect these interests.