About Your Trip Leader

Meet Diane Roberts

Diane Roberts

I have been immersed in learning places, birds & habitats for the last 4 years. I have lead Denver Field Ornithologists trips from the Pawnee National Grasslands to Pueblo State Park. Local & a few hours away make for an interesting mix of birds and places.

Sharing the joy of birdwatching and Colorado’s beauty are the reasons I enjoy going near and far. Building on bird identification & bird songs enhance the experience.

Meet Tim Ryan

Tim Ryan

I have been birding for about 7 years. I have always enjoyed the outdoors and birding helps me to focus on what is going on around me. Construction of the Rueter-Hess Reservoir in Douglas County had me purchasing a field guide and binoculars to identify the birds I would see while working at the site.

I enjoy leading trips to Rueter-Hess Reservoir which has restricted access, this allows birders to enjoy the site and learn about the important water resource for people and habitat for wildlife.