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Meet Amber Carver

Amber Carver

I grew up in a bird-loving family and have been birding since I was 3. This became more than a hobby during my undergrad at The Evergreen State College in Washington State, and since then I have worked as an ornithology technician in Washington, California, Texas, Utah, and Colorado. For my first two years in Colorado, I lived on the west slope and worked for Bird Conservancy of the Rockies, and I moved to the Denver area in 2013 to get a Master's and PhD in avian studies at the University of Colorado Denver.

My trips always include a little car birding, because you have to look for things on the way, right? But my real goal is always to go somewhere where we can get out of the car and walk. As a field trip leader, I love leading short, casual hikes. As an ecologist and educator, I love sharing my knowledge of birds and the ecosystems they are part of. I also like listening... to the stories you have to tell and to the knowledge you have to share, because I'll never be done learning. I have a working knowledge of plants, insects, and herps and am curious about everything, so if you go on one of my trips, don't expect a strict focus on birds.