A Message from the President

President Chuck Hundertmark photo by Wm Bond Why should you join DFO?

Whether it is the blur of hummingbird wings at a flower in the garden or the faint call of a diminutive kinglet in winter mountain snow, the feathered modern day dinosaurs we call "birds" fascinate us. They slip into our art, enter our conversations, and draw us into the field to find their colorful forms and hear their songs and calls.

In the northern Colorado Front Range, Denver Field Ornithologists is the premier place where bird lovers come to pursue their passion. Whether you are just beginning to explore the amazing variety of birds in our world or following a lifelong passion for plumed creatures, DFO's programs and field trips can lead you deeper into the avian realm.

If you're a beginning or intermediate birder or simply like to bird with friends, DFO's field trips offer a chance to get into diverse habitats almost every week of the year. As birding skills mature, you may realize that helping others can be a way to further sharpen your own birding skills. DFO can provide an opportunity to take your birding to the next level as a DFO trip leader.

Eight months of the year, DFO also offers a chance to share birding experiences and hear experts discuss the lives of birds. Programs at our monthly meetings cover exotic birding destinations, recent discoveries about avian life and bird conservation.

Our newsletter, The Lark Bunting, and this website help keep members informed about DFO events and provide interesting information about Colorado birds. Your membership in DFO helps support these activities and puts you on the path to deeper appreciation of our feathered dragons.