DFO Citizen Science Projects

Double-crested Cormorant pair at nest.Now you can add a little science to your birding field trips. DFO will be offering Citizen Science opportunities on some of our own field trips. If you enjoy watching the breeding activities of colonial water birds like cormorants, egrets and herons, you'll enjoy the Colonial Waterbird Nestwatch Project. Project volunteers document the timing of species arrival, breeding, nesting and fledging of offspring at several Denver area colonies. Click the Colonial Waterbird link to learn more. Read the "How To" file first, then read the "Locations" file.

Curious about what's going on with Warbling Vireo and White-breasted Nuthatch subspecies? DFO is partnering with Denver Museum of Nature and Science Ornithologist Garth Spellman to investigate that question. Click the vireo-nuthatch link to learn more.

You can participate in these projects on DFO field trips or on your own personal trips.

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